Trying On Cross Stitch -or- F*CK EM!

One of the big reasons I love crochet so much is because with some yarn and a hook the possibilities are limitless.  

…until you want a small project with words in it…

I started this as filet but it was just too much.  I had been resisting cross stitch since I was a kid.  It’s my mom’s craft and shes exceptional at it.  So I never ventured.  

My friend Rebecca makes very cool geometric style cross stitch, I love this stuff, it’s totally up my alley. 

I also love dry crass humor.  

This is something my younger brother tends to tell me.  I often need to be reminded I live this life for me, my kids, my husband and my family.  In that order.  

It’s 2.5 by 3.5.  My first completed cross stitch. 

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