Toddler Owl Purse

If I have learned anything in my last couple years of crocheting and crafting it’s that people love them some owls.

As it is Sunday, Jeff is home so he is helping me chase our little monster around the house.  I tagged him in and I hopped on Ravelry looking for an idea for something completely different.

Violet is starting to pick thing up and “collect” them.  Rocks and things.  And by collect I mean she brings them to me to hold onto.  On a whim I made her this little purse to collect her treasures.  It took about 30-45 mins.  I took it apart once and started over so I’m not sure exactly.  

The pattern isn’t mine. It’s here.

She loves anything made of yarn.  Especially anything that she can point out it’s eyes and nose.  

My chicken is getting TOO big!


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