My first DforV showing.

Well I did it.  

I showed the work, in public.  :)  I got lots of glances and comments but no one bought.  I was surrounded by some very talented artists and great people. I did feel like I brought a bunch of knives to a gun fight.  But no matter.  It was a good day.

All pieces are still for sale.  And don’t forget I really prefer and love custom orders.  You give me and idea and I will price it and run with it.  

Thanks to everyone that helped me out and encouraged me along the way.  Especially my sweet husband who knows when to offer help and when to just shut up and move.  He’s the art to my craft.  <3

Sharing a booth with me is my yarn buddy Gail.  She makes beautiful and ornate jewelry from found pieces. 

Together we have a small Stitch n Bitch Saturday mornings at Culture Stock. It’s open to the public!  Come hang with us, I’ll show you some stitches if you don’t know any.  :)


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