Embroidery. Let’s try this again.

I’ve recently become interested in embroidery again.  I learned it maybe 10 years ago and I enjoy it.  It’s simple and quick for me.  Unlike counted cross stitch.  :shudder:

The website I get most of my design from is urbanthreads.com.  They are very reasonably priced and have a huge selection.  I haven’t embroidered in a few years, but I did not forget this site. Go there.  Do it.

I decided to start with a gift.  I always like to make things that remind me of people.  This one reminded me of a good friend of mine.  She always has a smile and something cute in her hair.  She reminds me to go with the flow and not take things too serious.

I used fabric and thread I’ve had for god knows how long.  I love how it turned out.

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