My Equilizer Baby Blankie

The story starts with my 27th birthday.  No further back than that.  I had a work friend that introduced me to his girlfriend. We hung out a bunch. Then she was in my wedding and I was in hers then she got pregnant.  In about a 6 year span.    

At my 27th birthday the work friend, not the girlfriend, wore a shirt that was an equalizer that actually worked.  I had a rave themed party complete with black lights, a DJ and me in yarn falls and a tutu.  It. Was. A. Total. Blast.

As not “normals”  I had to come up with something great for their offspring.  This came to me.  

It is traditional grannies, 9 high and 7 wide.  4.5 inches each. Right at crib size.  Sc-ed together.  I used With Love by Red Heart and a G hook.  I’d say it took about 12 to 15 hours.  I washed it before packing, and its a good thing I did because a few middles came unraveled.  So I sewed em back up and reinforced all of the middles.  Meaning, I sewed in a length of yarn in the centers.  Just around the center 2 or 3 times.  It will make it much stronger.  The washing made the blanket VERY soft.  

As for the cat.  I saw him in a book at Joann’s and I just couldn’t pass him up.  He’s a traditional Japanese cat named Amineko.  

All ready to go to his new home.  

I LOVE making things for kids.  I feel like it’s the best reason, to create something soft for someone you love.  This child is the child of two people that I love and respect like, if not more than some, family.  <3

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