A Little Dress and Some George Jones

My gramma died almost 7 years ago.  She taught me to crochet and embroider.  She was the matriarch and the queen crafter of the family.

I have very recently acquired some of her hooks.  She’s got every kind I’ve ever seen and some bamboo and white plastic ones (which I’ve never seen in the store).  She never had much so I feel like these are just random hooks she picked up here and there with a random skein to play around.

I came across this little dress.  I generally dress my daughter like a little tomboy.  She loves the outside so I just don’t see a reason to put a dress on her that will inhibit her movements.  But this dress is so cute, and warm.  It’s also a vintage pattern, which I love.  It felt like to right thing to use the green I hook.  That I remember learning on when I was in elementary school.  

The pattern itself is a little intimidating,  but it was easier to follow than I thought it would be.  Lots of dc.

Here is is on Ravelry.  —-  http://www.ravelry.com/projects/GraceFaithHope/angel-wings-pinafore

 I used my gramma’s I hook and 4 ply yarn to size up from the 0-3 months to my smallish 14 month old (she wears 12-18 month shirts and 9-12 month pants).  I should also say, I figured it would be too short since the pattern is for a 0-3 mo.  So I made it 21 rows, the pattern calls for 18, but it was too long.  I pulled out to 18 and it comes just above her knee.  Shes 29 inches tall.  

I listened to George Jones and crocheted faster than I ever have, I think.  I took about 2.5 hours.

The yarn is “Seafoam” by Red Heart Soft.  Its a really nice green/blue/gray and reminded me of the kid’s eyes.

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