DforV: DONE!

I ended up with 331.  I’m missing 5.  I’m not worried about it.

 And now for the hard part.  
Sewing all these little buggars together.
Also, I was shooting for her 1st birthday.  That was Nov 21st.  Then Christmas.  That’s in 4 days.
Towards the end this wasn’t something that I exactly enjoyed doing.  I can knock out 20 in an hour and a half.  I had about 30 other projects for Christmas, an ornament exchange with my lady friends and an art show that I participated in.  So I decided to lift my goals for this blanket.  Vi will not know or care when I gave it to her.  Just that I made it for her.  I hope she grows to like yellow, gray and blue.  I still hate green.
On to the next big project.  It’s for baby of a couple that are awesome.  I just hope they get the reference.  I have one month to complete.  :)

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