Vi’s First Birthday.

The squirt’s first birthday is next week and I’m making stuff.  I always make stuff.  I have bright ideas and I jump into them with not enough time and then they aren’t exactly what I wanted.  Blah blah blah.  
First here is her invitation.  This took me too long.  But the first piece of the design always does.  

However.  This was easy and I’m in love with them.  

None of the ones in the stores were what I was thinking so I made these.  I happened to have a stamper that fit the design PERFECTLY.  Seriously.  No measuring or anything.  It was perfect.  

This last pic is the most true to color.  I love my phone app too much sometimes.  :)  

I love making these little details.  I realize the majority of these will just end up in the garbage.  But all I spent on them was ink.  <3

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