Car Seat Afghan

I fell in love with the shell stitch I did on the cozies.  Its SO simple, yet so much more interesting to look at than straight sc or dc.


While I was daydreaming about the texture I was thinking Vi needs a blanket for her legs in the car, but she just kicks everything off.  She’s like her dad.  No shoes, socks or anything else on her feet if she can help it.  So she needs something that is somewhat connected to her.

Simple enough idea.  An afghan that has an opening for the buckle.  She can’t kick it off, but can still play with it and move it around so she doesn’t just get mad at it.

So wha-la.

My gramma would be so proud of that razor sharp edge.  😀

With Ollie the Octopus! (Although doesn’t he look more like a squid?)

This took me a day.  But probably 6 hours all together.  Very nearly an entire skein of Red Heart Dark Orchid.  And some definite wear on the wrist.  But DAMN it’s cute.

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