Let me just first say, I really like websites.  I like organized information.  I like to make things.  I like to teach.  I also like to be held somewhat accountable to things that I say I’m going to do.

I have an idea.  I’m going to make an epic blanket for my daughter, Violet, made form puff stitch flowers, or as they are called, Daisies.

So therefore, blog.  I can track my progress on this and other projects.  Plus show you guys how to make what I make.  And where to find the stuff that I find.

I have been crocheting since I was 6 or 7.  My grandmother taught me how to crochet, and in my 20s, how to embroider.  I love both.  I learned Singe Crochet, and Double Crochet.  I tried to turn but never got the hang out it.

At 27 I quit smoking.  So I picked up the crochet again for something to do with my hands.  I still had never finished a project at this point.  I learned how to turn and continue my simple stitches.  Soon dropping it again, but always having yarn in the house.

At 29 I became pregnant with my daughter.  My grandmother had passed away 5 years earlier and I wished I had something from her to give to Violet.  Then it hit me, if I could make something for her, then in some way, it would be like my gramma making it.

The problem was I couldn’t read a pattern.

So, I used youtube and followed the videos.  One of those videos by Crochet Geek had accompanying directions and the pattern.  From that I taught myself to read patterns.

FF about 6 months later and I’ve completed many projects.  A queen size granny square blanket.  A couple scarves, a pig, teddy bear, elephant, chick, countless hats, baby crowns, baby dresses and even a damn lampshade.

Now I embark on my greatest challenge.  I’m going to make a blanket made out of flowers.  Only flowers.  Little 2 inch flowers.

I’m very excited.  I bought yarn today.  I just kept thinking….watercolors.

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