DforV: Right Vs. Wrong

I’ve been doing this all day.  I’ve got 21 and a couple things I’ve figured out.  First, here they are….

Ok, lets talk a little bit about Right Vs. Wrong.  

There are two sides to a crochet project.  The “right” side and the “wrong” side.  The names are misleading.  You can prefer either side, and either side can be the finished product.

Generally speaking, the wrong side is the one opposite of the right side which is facing you when you work.

Wrong = Back
Right = Front
As the pattern indicates.

For these flowers there are two steps.  The center and the petals.  General speaking, again, you work on the right side.  I created the centers and continued the petals looking at the right side.  

BUT when the petals are done, I liked the wrong side better.  The wrong side in this case is puffy and the right is flat.

You follow?

SO.  Here is the difference….

In the “right” you see what I call the SC Vs.  The single crochet stitches form Vs that you put your hook under.

On the “wrong” you see what I call the equal sign.  Here you are putting your hook between the signs on either side. 

Depending on which one you have facing you when you make the petal, the centers turn out differently.  Lemme show you.

Here is the right and wrong side and the completed petal.  When I crocheted into the right side of the hook I got what you see on the left.  It is flat and looks like a spoke to me.

When I crocheted into the wrong side I got what you see in the right.  A nice little circle.

Keep in mind that when you are making the petals the side you are looking at will end up being the “wrong” side of the project, or in my case the side that is facing the mattress.   You have to flip over the flower to see the puff on the top.    This is a little hard to show, but here’s a shot at it.

Also last note, you can’t push that puff in to reverse the top of the flower.  I tried and now I have two flat flowers.  Wah wah.  :(

So.  Yah, I hope that made some sense.  Let me know if this helps or just makes it worse.  :)  Now go up to the top pic and find the two different ways.  :)

Also.  If you are following along, let me know.  If you have questions I might be able to help.

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