Aw lookit! A lil owl!

Violet’s backpack got me thinking about owls.  

I made a little coffee cozy for my mom with an owl on it and it turned out cute so I wanted to share the steps and the pattern I came up with  :)

Here is the finished product I made for my mom.  

Let me know in the comments if you want that pattern too.  (p.s.: it feels good not needing to credit a pattern.  Cause I made it up all by myself!  :D)



You can use any gauge or yarn.  Its a very simple pattern.  I choose an G for the cosy owl and an I for the following one.   I ended up liking the smaller size of the G better.  

***The complete pattern as I’ve written it at the bottom of the blog, feel free to skip my rambling.***

Begin with a magic circle and 5 sc (singe crochet)  into the circle.  As was the case with the daisies the loop on the hook is going to be the 6th sc.
Join the circle and sc into each st (stitch).  You are increasing the circle, this is how it comes out flat.  Total of 12 sc around.

 We are changing color next.  I honestly don’t like changing colors.  It looks nice.  I want to be good at it.  I’m just not really.  I have to practice more.  I’m just being lazy about it and this is for me and it was an experiment so who cares right?!  Right. Thank you. 

You can see the lack of expertise with the red starting abruptly and the oddness of this.  In a big project it wouldn’t be noticeable   

This row is another increase.  We want to keep this as flat as we can, so do 2sc in each st to beg (beginning).  You will have 24 sc.

 OK.  That’s the body.  Lets start the head. Continue with 2sc for the next three stitches.  You are going to want 6 sc st on the top.

 Those scs are the foundation of the head.  Ch(chain) 3 and turn.

 The head is really just two roundish bumps to accommode the eyes.  Now dc (double crochet) in the SAME place as the beginning of the chain.  And do two more dc.  You are going to have 4 columns now.
 To create the bump down sl (slip stitch) in the next SC.  Then continue with 3 more dc in the next three stitches. At this point you will have a very straight side and a rounded side.  To balance the sides chain 2 and sl into the next st.


Now for eyes.

Magic circle, 4 sc DO NOT JOIN, tie tails together.  This makes a not quite round circle.
Figure out your placement.  And sew them on.  This is where you will need a yarn needle.  Normally you would sew in the ends.  But in this case I tie them.  It is a bit of an old school crochet no-no.  But who cares.  I don’t want them showing through the other color yarn so I tie em.

The pupils of my slightly cross eyed owl are achieved with a technique called a French Knot.  Learn it, love it.  I learned this one when doing embroidery.  It’s tricky at first but an invaluable yarn art skill. 
The beak is a yellow sewn in piece of yarn.  More embroidery here.   Cut a piece about this size.
Insert the needle from the back slightly underneath the eye.  

 Then insert it right underneath the other eye.  Leave some slack.  This is where the magic happens.

Now insert the needle from the back to the point that you want the tip of your beak.  Pull it tighter.

Pull the yarn to make it snug.

Now insert the needle in the SAME hole you just made.  This pulls the tip and you can only see that it is joined this way if you know what you are looking for.  Sew in the end then tie it to the first tail from the first needle poke. 


I think he’s cute.  

I tend to enjoy off colors. But I like animals with colors that don’t happen to those animals in nature.  :shrug:

 Here is a size comparison
Left – I hook, 2.5inches wide by 3 inches tall
Right – G hook, 2 inches wide by 2.5 inches tall

Hmm…  I wonder what this guy would look like with a super bulky yarn and over sized needle…. 


Hook – G or I
Yarn – Worsted Weight – 4 ply, two or three colors
Yarn needle


magic circle
Row 1:
join and work a sc in the same st  

Row 2:
2sc in each st (12)  cut off tail

Row 3:
change color
2Sc in each st (24)

Row 4:
2sc in each of the next 3 st ch 2 and turn

Row 5:
dc into same st and 2
sl into the next st
dc into the next 3 st
ch2 and sl into next sl
tie off and weave in

magic circle
4 sc do not join
tie tails together.  


4 inch yellow
sew in

Attach to clothes, headband, hat, whatever :)

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